Christine Michielsen: drive, deadlines, and dynamic!

We present: Christine Michielsen, who has been working with great diligence at our office in Antwerp (Export Operations Department) since 2021. Christine brings over 12 years of maritime experience with her.

New at Sealogis Belgium

The world of freight forwarding is absolutely her cup of tea. With professional experience at fellow shippers and forwarders, Christine knows the ins and outs of the maritime world.

As part of Export Operations, Christine mainly works for customers in the chemical industry. Christine’s days are definitely full: consulting with the shipping lines to book containers, forwarding transport orders to the carriers, following up orders and loading schedules, customs administration, etc.  

This varied and dynamic work suits her. “No day is the same; every project has its own dynamic and follows a particular route,” she says. “I do love the drive, the deadlines, and the dynamic of this job!” 

Christine also likes working in an international environment, and is in contact with oversees destinations in the US, Mexico, the Middle East, the Far East, and Colombia.

How does she feel about her first couple of months?

Christine appreciates the social and open working atmosphere at the Sealogis Belgium office. “My colleagues welcomed me with open arms. Admittedly, it was quite tough in the beginning, but with the necessary support and a healthy dose of perseverance, I adjusted well. I am a self-starter: as soon as I know my way around the information and the internal company systems, I can handle a lot!”

Describe the Sealogis Belgium DNA

“Sealogis Belgium is an SME with a unique atmosphere among its colleagues. A freight forwarder with an individuality all its own,” says Christine, who lives in nearby Berchem – a mere 20-minute bike ride from the office in Antwerp.

What trait should you have to succeed in the maritime sector?

“The expedition world is a particularly intense environment that requires a solution-focused and stress-resistant approach,” confirms Christine. “You have to be able to act quickly and respond to unexpected situations. A delay at a shipping company or an adjusted schedule for loading requires a lot of flexibility.

This job is quite hectic, but I feel at home here and my first few months have been very promising!”

Good luck Christine!

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